Friday, July 28, 2006

Josh's Milestones

Well, Josh has had a big week. On Saturday, July 22nd, I threw a surprise 30th birthday party for Josh. There were around 40 people there. The big surprise of the night was one of Josh's best friends from Canada! Rob drove to Fort Wayne to help us celebrate and surprise Josh. Also, Al and Libby Burse, some friends we had in Carmel made the trip. Everyone else was friends or family in Fort Wayne. Thank you to the out of town people who made the trip, and to everyone else who took the time to be there. It was a blast and you are all such special friends to Josh. Josh's official birthday was on July 24th. We had a pretty laid back day. We just hung around the house, and Josh got focused for his first day as Assistant Principal. He started at Huntington North on Tuesday, the day after his 30th birthday! He has had a great week, and he is really liking his new job. It is TOTALLY different than teaching, of course. He has led interviews, coordinated ISTEP remediation, worked on some other big projects, and today he is meeting with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss some issues. Wow, such an important dude! He has even found some time this week to squeeze in some golfing!!! Thank you, Josh, for working so hard and providing for our family. You're the best!!!

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  1. Erin & The BoysAugust 1, 2006 at 1:24 PM

    Happy 30th, Saint! We had fun camping out and having breakfast with you guys. Keep up the hard work "Mr. Assistant Principal".


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