Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Who needs cable...

when you have 3 kids?" Josh said.

Last night, we got to go out to our favorite restaurant for a date night! Thanks, Mom.

(We live the cable free life.)

We were chatting and Josh said, "Who needs cable when you have 3 kids? If you're looking for something to do, go play with your kids. If you're looking for entertainment, go talk to your kids!"

I just started to laugh. He's so right.

And I'm wondering, who has the TIME to watch TV with 3 kids? :)

By the time I finally have the opportunity to watch it, I just fall asleep.


  1. I agree, and we actually dropped our cable a couple of months ago!

    We still love to watch movies, so we have a Netflix account, and there are a couple of shows I like the watch (The Office), but we just download from our computer after they air.

    So I am still able to get my t.v. fix, but with even just two kids and working full-time, I'm busy!

  2. We rarely watch t.v. anymore either!! I'd rather read a book or sew...I'm so boring as a mom! :)


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