Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm tired today. Very tired.

So, today - I'm just tired. I'm tired of my 24/7 duties. I feel a tad bit guilty expressing this. But - I feel that I need to be authentic. Authentic to YOU and authentic to ME.

I feel guilty because I dreamed of this life - and I'm living it. I am beyond blessed. Amazing husband with a great career, stay at home mom, beautiful home, 3 healthy kids, solid christian family, lots of support, friends, health! You name it...

But, it's ok to be tired, right?

I just want to curl up in a hole where no one can ask me to do anything. No whining. No clingy baby. No fighting sisters. No meals to be made. No clothes to be laundered. No house to clean.

Is this ok? Am I being horrible?

I am declaring it ok and normal, and I'm telling you all about it!

Really, what I would LOVE - is a week at a resort. Beach, massages, God's word, worshipping, my man... oh, how sweet that sounds!

Maybe someday.


  1. Don't feel guilty in the least-everyone needs a break!

  2. I love you! you are so normal. I was just telling some girls that Ian and Anna fight all day long. Makes you want to pull your hair out...but I know if I didn't have that I would miss it (somewhere somehow I am sure).

  3. You ARE normal!!!! AND.... no one dreams of their hubby working 14 hour days for 6 out of the 7 days of the week! Hang in there.... praying for you! :)

  4. To add on to my earlier post....maybe we should plan a girls' weekend to the spa! Remember how we tried to get one going a couple of years ago, but we could never coordinate everyone's schedule?

  5. I feel the exact same way! Glad to hear I'm not the only one:) Hang in are not alone!

  6. Erin & The BoysMay 5, 2010 at 8:40 AM

    Loved talking with you yesterday! You are sooo normal! I think all of us moms feel this way. We need each other to listen and understand. Our husbands don't quit get it ;) Love you!!

  7. Everyone does feel this way! :) I feel guilty about it too sometimes because I could not ask for a better husband, better kids, better friends or better family! But, even when you "have it all" it is still stressful! I have actually volunteered to mow our lawn the last two weeks just to get some peace and quiet. It has worked! :) From what I hear from other people, even when you spend a week away at a beach, you spend half of that time missing the kids. Then when you get back home, it is back to the craziness. So, I think there is no way to escape it! :) Just think... we are going to be missing this time in ten years. :)


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