Saturday, May 1, 2010


A couple friends of mine on Facebook asked about toy ideas for their 2 year old daughters. My response is below. As I was writing to them, I thought it would be fun to put in on my blog to get some interaction going. I'm up for more ideas too!

Please post of comment if you have any other ideas for me!


This is what I said to her:
Focus on paper, crayons, crafts, seasonal activities, paint, chalk, water play, nature walks, bikes, scooters, outdoor stuff, dirt, sand, dress up, dolls, balls, bats, rocks, sticks, books, blocks, doll house, play kitchen, housekeeping, pretend play, role playing, cooking with you in the kitchen, playdoh, music, musical instruments, helping you do chores around the house, gardening, empty boxes that you can help them turn into cars/boats/houses/rockets or whatever else they can come up with, bowls, spoons...


I am on a journey of evaluating everything in our house - simplifying our home - asking myself what the PURPOSE is of everything in our home.... "Is it useful to my family? Is it beautiful to my family?" If not, I'm getting rid of it! getting rid of TOYS! :) Getting rid of STUFF!


When buying/shopping for new toys - ask yourself - Can my child use her imagination with this?


Do I make any sense? :)

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  1. Amen Myah!! I don't want any more STUFF just to have STUFF. I want less stuff!!! It needs to have a purpose.


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