Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Hey there! Guess what day it is? That's Right... It's Thursday, and I'm still giving thanks.

As I sit down to write this (and I missed last week), I'm overwhelmed. I'm overwhelmed with THANKS. What's not to be thankful for? God has showered us with an abundance of love. So much - we have to give some away!

The blessings God has poured out to us simply overwhelm me at times. Does that make sense?

I still choose to twist them all into blessings.
No complaining, Myah! Well, you can for a sec and then move on! :)

So, this is what I'm thankful for today:

  1. Josh has a new job this year, and he's working at a middle school in our backyard - the school our children will grow up in - as the assistant principal and athletic director - with the dream of being the principal there someday - by the time our babies arrive. This job is a blessing - one that we dreamed and prayed about - and overwhelming at times.

  2. Josh is starting his PhD in a few weeks. It will last 3 years. This semester, he'll have classes every Monday and Tuesday nights. On his off nights, he will be at school related events due to his job. His acceptance into this program is a blessing and overwhelming at times.

  3. All the help I have. I keep saying, "If anyone can do this, I can!" I have so much help from Grandparents, friends and neighbors. I'm amazed. We have a village. We really do. I hope that people consider us a part of their village too - helping and blessing them as well. When you give, it comes right back to you. That's one thing we say we'll never quit doing - giving.

  4. My God - it's quite simple. When I feel this overwhelming feeling coming on, I start crying out to Him - I need you, I need you, I need you - and He always comes to my rescue. It makes everything all better. :)

  5. Times away with Josh. Oh thank you, Grandmas!!!!!! I will often put in a call, "It's time! We need a date!" I believe that we are better parents when we keep our relationship held high. When we love each other deeply, we will parent our children with love.

God, You are amazing and You overwhelm me at times. I trust you, and I know You will carry me though all of my overwhelming days. I promise... I will ENJOY the ride You have blessed us with! Amen.

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