Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reflecting - Back to School

Photo taken while camping at Chain O Lakes State Park - which may explain the sweaty, dirty, all-natural look!
Oh wait, I think that's how I look every day - while raising 3 little rugrats - I mean angels.

I can't believe this is the last week before school starts up for Sophie. Actually, there's only a few days left of this week. I went into this week telling myself, "Your #1 thing to do this week is soak up Sophie being here and spend time having fun with your kids!" I think I've done that.

I'm excited, a little sad, anxious, happy, a bit nervous, proud, and a tad teary as I type this and look at the picture above.

Sophie keeps asking me, "How many more days until school starts?" So, I know she's excited and ready - which makes this transition pretty easy!

But, here I am again - face to face with another CHANGE. I don't do so well with change. I'm a structured/scheduled kind of girl. I don't mind a little chaos - but just for a bit - and then I'm ready to whip things into shape again!

So, be thinking of us on Monday and probably Tuesday too. I'll be thinking of you!

How are you all feeling at Back to School time? Excited? Ready?

God, be with Sophie this next week as she heads to 1st grade for the full day! Be with the teachers and school administration. Calm the nerves of the little children and any anxious parents. We love you! Amen.


  1. Your transition will be good! Sophie is able and willing. God, please bless all of the administration, teachers, and anxious children as they start their new school year in all of our schools around the world. It will be well.

  2. I feel the same way. Gabby goes back tomorrow and I feel like some of summer is being stolen from just went too fast! I'm not ready to bid our fun farewell and get back to the grind.

  3. I can't believe how early school starts! Is that normal for Indiana, or is it just your district?

    Several years ago, Michigan passed a law that all public school have to begin after Labor Day, or they risk losing funding. I think it's a nice change!


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