Sunday, September 26, 2010

Can we have 2 puppies?

Today we were driving home from church and the girls were asking - When can we get a puppy?

This is a frequent conversation at our home.

Josh said, "Maybe when you're 6, Halle, and Sophie would be 8.

Halle asked, "Can we get 2 puppies?"  "No!"  Josh said.  "Why?" Halle asked.

"Because that would be twice the work!"  Josh responded.

Halle says, "Well we would do all the work.  You wouldn't have to do anything.  Just stare at the walls!"

We lost it and are not buying that!  But nice try, Halle!  That was good.


  1. Thats funny. Staring at the walls! Ha! I'm with you guys...2 puppies is 2 much.

  2. 2 hamsters aren't much work and would be just as much fun as 2 puppies. Any takers? love you! ty

  3. Oh, come on mom and dad! I don't understand why you wouldn't want TWO puppies! Is it the accidents inside the house? The feeding? The walking? What? I give up! I think Halle was totally rational thinking you should get 2! :)

  4. A conversation with a friend of mine (2 daughters same age as mine Anna 5, Rachel 3):
    "Rachel and I have been talking" meaning Anna talking, Rachel agreeing. "We want a cat."
    My friend, who is afraid of cats says "No honey, Mommy's afraid of cats."
    "We thought you would say that. We want a brother."


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