Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ian turned 20 months old...

on September 18, and I totally missed it!

I thought about it a few days before the 18th, but that exact day came and went. ;)

So, here we are 4 days later, and I thought I'd better post an Ian update.

Ian is doing fabulous at 20 months old. He is a great eater, wonderful sleeper and darling little brother.

He eats a variety of foods, sleeps about 15 hours each day (12 at night and 1 nap in the afternoon) and adores his sisters.

He loves books, painting, markers (stinker!), balls, slides, parks, water, animals, sweets, going places, friends, making messes and his bath time!

He also LOVES riding on the tractor with and will sit there for the ENTIRE 1.5 hours that it takes Josh to mow our yard!

He is not talking a lot. He has about 10 words total.

One of the coolest things going on now is that he is intentionally engaging much more. He is interacting with us on an "older" level. We are able to go out places (more successfully), do projects at home, and people are able to care for him on a simpler level because he plays and interacts so well. He still has his challenges - but I think it's safe to say - he's getting a bit easier and we're getting past the baby stage.

We love having him around! :)

Our "Little Buddy", Ian! You're almost 2. How is that possible?

May the Lord bless you and keep you all the days of your life!

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