Thursday, September 16, 2010


I had MOPS today!

Have you ever been part of a MOPS group? Well, I am going into my 4th year of MOPS, and I love it! I took a semester off when I had Ian, and I called a few months after the start of the year because I "needed" to go back. I missed it.

The messages pour into my heart. I gain wisdom from the 4 Mentor Moms we have. I learn from the other Moms in my group. I get 2 hours of MOPPETS Childcare. I eat breakfast and drink coffee. We socialize. We grow.

If you're parenting right now - we're on this ride together - and let's be real - some days it is quite a ride! Some days I want to resign or run and hide and never come back (like the other day). Some days I'm so tired and snappy. I make lots of mistakes. Some days I'm energetic and the best Mom ever!

But, mostly - I'm always trying to learn. I'm trying to figure this LIFE out. Will we ever figure it out? That's why I've decided I can't do this LIFE alone. There's no way. I've surrendered.

So, today at MOPS - these are a couple of nuggets I took away:

I am wonderfully made!
I was created to Mother these children!
I will leave unique imprints on my children!
Rather that "just survive", I really want to "enjoy" this time.

I need MOPS, I need the Mentor Moms, I need the other Moms to come alongside me on this ride, and most of all I need my God.

And hopefully, I can bless other Moms - in some way - on this journey.


  1. I am so glad that we get to "do life" together as moms, both on the cul de sac AND at MOPS! What a joy! Love you friend! Looking forward to learning together! :)

  2. Myah,
    You are a blessing in MOPS, and I saw you lead so well today in your group. I'm glad to have you in my circle, and I learn from you too my friend. Love, Sheri


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