Monday, September 20, 2010

Only 1 Day!

That's how many days I work outside of the home - an it's only for 5 hours - on Mondays.

My Dad owns Trellis Growing Systems, and he asked me to do some book keeping for him. I am working with Quick Books Pro, and I really enjoy it. I leave it there and don't go back until the next Monday. He pays me well, so I can justify paying childcare.

A beautiful friend of mine is watching my 2 youngest angels, and I love being able to pay her. I'm so thankful for her saying YES because it's not easy giving them up to childcare - and she's pretty much amazing.

So - today is Monday, and I worked today. I determined today that I can only work 1 day! That's all. period.

When a woman works - who has children and is considered the main caregiver and Home Manager (I think) this is what happens - this is what happened to me today:

To begin with, I overslept :/ so my morning started off behind and hectic.

I had to think about Sophie's day - she had Spanish after school so I emailed her teacher and my neighbor (who usually brings her home) that she will stay after school.
Sophie needed a morning snack plus a snack for Spanish packed. Thank goodness she agreed to eat school lunch.

Halle goes to preschool at 12:30, so I had to have her prepared for preschool.

I had to make sure Ian's bag, pillow, lovey and blanket were all packed for his childcare for the day.

I took our whole culdesac to school.

Josh left me a note (that I found on the counter after I overslept) that he needed a lunch dropped off to him and "snacks" for his group this evening for his PhD class. Oh yeah, and Josh has class tonight. He also needed me to return a movie.

I got everyone dropped off and I was working. While I was working the dentist office is calling me to reschedule an appointment for Josh. For the love, call him! But oh yeah, I keep the family calendar.

Next, I get a text from my Mom because she needs me to let out her dog (she's working late). Ok, I'll try to fit that in somewhere. After all she does for us, I can not and will not say no!

Did I mention I left the house a mess when I left?

I picked up Halle from preschool at 3 and Halle and I headed to the store. I had to shop for a few items because I am delivering 2 meals to friends on Wednesday and Josh needed a group "snack". Don't forget to grab the movie and return that too!

I have NO IDEA what's for dinner at this point, and at this point I really don't care.

Halle and I headed to Ms. Jen's to pick up Ian. He was snoring in the pack n play, so I woke him up. He was so adorable.

We stopped to let the dog out.

We came home and had a few minutes to get ourselves together before Sophie arrived home from school and Spanish lessons (my angel friend brings her home).

I whipped together some homemade mac n cheese - with cauliflower puree from our garden! and warmed up some left over burgers!

Josh got home, gobbled some food and headed to class. The house is a mess from dinner. I am sitting outside with my laptop and watching the kids play. :)

I have decided that I will clean up later, and I will enjoy tonight. I will go to Zumba in the morning with my beautiful neighbor and work out and treat MYSELF.

I have also decided that 1 day is enough. No more.

But this is what I love about working 1 day. It makes me look forward to and cherish the other 6.

I love what I do, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm right where I need to be. I am sitting here right now thinking - I really feel that God gave me this 1 day to open my eyes and to cherish where I am - doing exactly what I was created to do.

God, I love you so much, and I am thankful - oh, so thankful! Amen.


  1. Hang on, you forgot to add that your mindless friend forgot her son's lunch so you got to drop that off to his preschool on your way to work!!! Now that I read about your day I feel even worse about it! Hope you have a calm day tomorrow, and so impressed with your ability to keep life in perspective. We only get one go at this! -jen

  2. Jen, It's MY PLEASURE to do that for you!! Don't feel bad!! :)

  3. Yep....sounds like the day in the life of a mom! I felt like I was reading about my day. Sometimes when I think "I'm so busy" I have to stop and realize that what I am busy with is LIFE.

    Serving my family, taking care of others, over-sleeping, taking care of myself, not taking care of the house, managing the neat lines on the paper of life and writing in the margins when stuff comes up. (Sometimes scribbling in tiny print in the margins to get it all in.) But when you sit back and take stock like you did on your patio, you realize its a beautiful page and you wouldn't change what you put on it.

    Sometimes when we reflect we realize we would change some things and so reflecting is good. it keeps us grateful and growing.

    Thanks for posting your day - I don't work outside the home and completely related to it!

  4. I loved this post, Myah! I can so relate. You are right, working a little bit away from home really does make you appreciate the times you are at home with your kids.

    Keep up the good work... Erin

  5. Imagine doing that 5 days a week! Actually, I'm really focusing on spending more time with Max, as work allows me, so I'm only working every other Friday, and I try to schedule my semester so I have one afternoon off. Still, sometimes dinner is a bowl of cereal with a piece of fruit for dessert! That's my effort for a more healthy, balanced meal when neither Charly nor I have time to cook:)

  6. How about working 5 days a week along with working every other weekend and at night havung to try and fit school into the mix :) It's not always easy but will all be worth it in the end.

  7. Talia, that's where Josh is right now. It's soooo hard!


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