Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Summer Fun!

I'm sorting through my summer photos and getting a little sad. I love Fall, but I'm a little sad about the warm, lazy days of summer slipping away. We had such an amazing summer, and looking back at all of the photos shows me that. I'm so thankful that I carry my camera around everywhere to catch all the "little things" because it's the "little things" that create the BIG memories.

Here is Sophie and her best friend Cora. They are having fun during a playdate.

Oh, I love these with Ian and his bottle. Ian was very attached to his bottle. So, I love that I was able to capture moments with it.

Today... I'm just thankful and actually feel that I am filled with peace and hope and gratitude. It feels like Ian is beginning to turn a major corner. I'll touch on that later. But, for now... I'm just cherishing where I am. I'm loving it.

All of this is going too fast - It's temporary - and that really scares me.

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