Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm struggling today...

and I don't really know why.  So, I'm doing what I always do when I struggle - Turn to God and Write.

For some reason, God has laid it on my heart to consider the intentions of this blog.

I've been pondering this for a while now, but it's heavy on me today - so I'm going to face it head on.

My desire of this blog is to journal about my "ride"- passions - and family - and to hopefully encourage others along the way.

Ultimately, I look forward to printing it someday - in the form of a book - so my children will have it when I'm long gone.

Currently, I have it open for the whole world to read.  My hope is that my readers would take some, leave some, love some, be encouraged by some - and that my words would always come from love and honesty - never judging others or proclaiming that our way is the only way - just our way.

I hope I've accomplished those things.

But - today I'm asking myself, "Why do you have it open for the whole world to see?  Can't I just keep all of this to myself?  Am I called to do this, or should I let it go?  Do I really want everyone to know what's on my mind?  What is your desire?"

Are my words impacting the lives of others in a positive way?

I've had it private before, and I know that is an option.

So, if you would...

Please take a moment to post a comment - or send me a private email - stating...

What does this blog mean to you?  Why do you take the time to check in?  What do you enjoy most?  Would you miss it?

If I am truly accomplishing the mission that's in my heart - journaling about my "ride"- passions - and family - and hopefully encouraging others along the way - then good for me.

But, if not - I think may keep my words private.

So, let me know.

Would you miss me?  ;)  Maybe I'll stick around - if that's what I feel led to do.


  1. Myah - I have been a little busy lately. ;) But, even though I have a hard time keeping up with my blog lately (and checking other blogs), I still want to try to keep it going. I made mine private to keep a few negative people from reading it and to keep random strangers from reading it too. I am very protective of my kids. But, I love how positive you are, and you bring up so many good points and sweet stories. I like reading your blog because we are in similar situations. So, I hope you keep it going! :)

  2. I like checking friends blogs as a way of keeping in touch with what's going on in their lives. It is nice knowing that we are as mothers and wives all in the same boat. Some days floating along peacefully with the sun shining on us. And others...throw me a life preserver, QUICK! :~) I guess the privacy issue is yours to decide on. I, like Karla, don't like too much info. or pics of my kids on the web. But, if there was a way to have it by invitation only, like facebook or other sites, that might be good. Regardless, your kids will love to have this when they are older, a record of sorts. Cool! -Jen

  3. If I am remembering correctly, this is already by invitation only, right?

    I enjoy reading your blog for many of the reasons the other two have already stated: it's a nice way to "keep tabs" on what is occurring in your life, particularly since I only see you at holidays. Also, now that I am a mom, I want as much connection with other moms, so they can clarify that I'm not the only one dealing with some of these issues. So please continue!

  4. Andrea, it was "by invitation", but I opened it up because I could only have 50 people o the list, and there were more that wanted on than that...

  5. I like my blog private just for the sake of my kids safety. You never know who is reading it. If you only have 50 spots I would say check your list and think about who you are really friends with and the people you are closest to. Leave them on your blog list and share cute stories on Facebook. I love reading your blog and I love our kids are the same age going through the same things. I would really miss it!! You will make the decision that is right for you and your family.

  6. Love all the comments posted here. I want you to keep writing, because you have such a talent in reaching out and touching peoples lives, by sharing your "journey". 50 closest friends is A LOT of people reading your blog. So, I would share this by invitation only to those 50. As the others have stated, you do need to protect your family, and feel safe. I trust your judgement. You have been blessed with wonderful wisdom! You'll make the right decision!

    Love you,

  7. I love watching the insight the Lord gives you - wish I would have been as "on track" with the Lord when I was your age and raising my kids. I would miss you.

  8. No! Don't make it private! I LOVE READING IT!

  9. I enjoy reading your blog as I feel it keeps me somewhat connected to the family of Sonrise while I'm away at school... I hope you keep it open!
    ~ Reese


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