Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm so proud...

of Ian - and how far he's coming!

He is nearly 21 months old.  In January he will be TWO.  Really, is that possible?  Yes, it is!  It's true.

These may be the fastest 2 years I've ever experienced.

I remember last winter - when I showed up to MOPS - crying.  It was so hard handling 2 older ones and a little one that was tearing the place apart.  I cried with my group and they all reassured me - this will pass.

At the age of 1, he started tearing up the house.  He was walking everywhere, running everywhere and not talking at all.  So, there was lots of screaming due to his frustration - and lots of crying due to my frustration.  (I don't do so well with that age)  He had very little self control at the store or in public, like any 1 year old.

Today, he's getting better, and he's making progress everyday!  Each time we venture out somewhere, I'm amazed at how much fun we have and how well everyone does.  :)  Of course, he still acts his age, but it's getting better each day - and I'm filled with hope!  He's talking more and has more self control.  He doesn't just run all over the place, out of control.  He knows when he's crossing the line, and he's becoming more aware of his surroundings.

And honestly, I have mini panic attacks because of how fast the time is going.  I got all teary tonight with Josh...  that's another topic.

Has anyone found the pause button?  Because I'm considering pushing it.

May I be HOPE to YOU!

Stay strong!  Enjoy each day.

The time goes so fast.

I can't believe my baby is approaching his 2 year birthday.  He's so much fun right now!

I'm trying to soak up each day and each moment with him - and of course the other 2, as well.

God, I'm thankful.  I'm thankful that you ALWAYS reveal Your plan to me.  You always get me through each and every struggle.  I couldn't do life with You or my dear friends who keep cheering me along!  I am blessed, truly blessed.  And life is good, very good.

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  1. Ian is the most precious little boy in the WHOLE world. It is so much fun to give to him and help him on this ride, because he appreciates everything so much! He is such a gift from God!!! We love him to the moon and back down!!!

    Love you Ian!!!


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