Sunday, October 17, 2010

My life...

Glamorous?  NO.

Beautiful?  YES.

A friend of mine - Jackie - had a great post on her blog about the glamorous lives we live as Mommies.  Take the time to read it.  It's good! 

Her life is pretty similar to mine at the moment, so I could totally relate to her story.

On Wednesday, I treated myself to a pedicure!  I determined - I really needed it (and shhhh....  deserved it).  So, I did feel glamorous for about 45 minutes - but that only happens a few times a year!

So many times, I think about getting one - and then my Mommy Guilt gets the best of me and I say no.  But, on this particular day - I carved out an hour for me.  Hard to do, but necessary.

It's like we - as Mothers and Fathers - put ourselves last after we have children.  I think a $25 pedicure could pay for lots of food and/or diapers.  And mostly, there are so many other things that need to get done before I take the time for a pedicure.  But, isn't it important that we do block out some time for ourselves?

So, I'm sitting in the chair - enjoying a nice chair massage and ice water - thinking of how glamorous and special I feel at the moment - without any interruptions.  It was nice!

All of a sudden, my phone rings - and it's Josh.  I immediately answered his call (because he doesn't call much during the day) and didn't even think that he would hear the background noise.  He hears people speaking Vietnamese - and asks, "What's that noise?  Where are you?"  yikes!  I didn't know what to say at this point...  Was I busted?

So, I say, "Well, actually...  I'm getting a pedicure."

He LAUGHS and says, "Good for you!"  What a darling.

I twisted it all around and said, "I'm doing this for YOU.  ;)  I want pretty feet for YOU."

I really enjoyed my pedicure, and I'm thankful for those special moments away - to treat myself.

So, after reading Jackie's story - I was thinking about things - and my life at the moment.

Let me tell you...

My life is far from glamorous.  Very far.  Like Jackie's life - my children pee on the floor, build forts with the couch cushions, make messes and aren't very god at cleaning up after themselves.

But, my life - sure is beautiful - and I wouldn't change it for anything.  My children rub my back, give the best kisses, tell me beautiful stories and write me love notes.

Let's embrace where we are at the moment and the beauty God has blessed us with.

Who needs glamour anyway?

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  1. Good for you for getting a pedicure!! I wish I could have joined you! :) Thanks for the blog love, too...we both definitely live beautiful lives (with flashes of glamour here and there!).


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