Friday, December 17, 2010


as i was standing in the kitchen today, I glanced down the basement stairs.  The light was shining brightly through the basement windows right on the hand rail.  I noticed all kinds of gooey handprints and "stuff" all over the handrail.  I immediately thought ewww, grabbed my vinegar and water spray, a fresh rag and starting spraying and wiping all the gooey handprints right off our handrail.  Before long, it was all shiny and clean.

A few moments later, my in-laws came over and I shared how I just wiped all the goobers off of the handrail.  Her face had a dreamy look like "Awww, how cute!" (yes, she thought all the gooey prints were cute) and then she commented on how cute all the little footprints looked in the snow leading up to the house.

So, here's my point - I'm not sure if I'll ever think the gooey prints prints all over the house are "cute".
(maybe I will when they're my grandkids' prints)

But, one thing I do know...

the ewwy, gooey prints are not going to be around forever - and I'm pretty sure when they're gone,
I'm going to miss them.

So, for now - I'll do what I try to do each day.  Cherish where I am NOW and do my best to never wish it away.  I'm in a good place - a precious place.

Thank you, Linda, for the reminder.  :)

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