Saturday, December 18, 2010

What would be your ideal day?

aka (we called it)... "Dream Day"...

A dear friend of mine gave us a jar of Dinnertime Conversation Starters for our family Christmas gift!

(totally awesome! I'll share later...)

As we ate dinner tonight, we each took a turn pulling a question out of the jar.

Josh pulled out, "What would be your ideal day?"

I said, "Just a repeat of today."

Halle said, "Playing at school."

Sophie said, "My Charlie Brown Pajama Party!"

I loved Josh's response so much - I decided it was my "Dream Day" as well!

So, here it is:

Josh said, "My ideal day would be me on the beach with my wife with a cooler between us.  All 3 kids would be playing blissfully down the beach (just a little bit away from us) totally happy and not needing anything.  A Grandma would be inside our hotel unit preparing lunch for all.  And we'd have a date that night that we were looking forward to!"

I was laughing and saying, "Wow!  That is PERFECT! Let's plan that this Summer!"  :)

So... it made me think - I wanted to ask all of YOU:

What would be your ideal DREAM day?

Do share!  This will be fun.

1 comment:

  1. As I read the title of this post I paused and thought about my ideal day before I read the rest. No joke I had the same day as Josh! I think that sounds fantastic!!


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