Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Gift Exchange...

Read this and let me know what you think.

I am intrigued and interested.  I may present the idea to Josh and begin praying about it.

This could be a wonderful solution for our family since all 3 kids' birthdays fall between
December 20 - January 14...


I REALLY like the idea of giving and receiving gifts because we are THANKFUL for that person.

Isn't that why we give gifts?

The author said this is why her family does it:
  • our family can focus on Christ's birth celebration with all our hearts - not wanting and wishing and hoping for gifts for ourselves.
  • we can turn our energies toward others for the entire time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • we find peace in being able to serve others without feeling the stress that used to accompany our Christmas season.
And here's even more of her reasons.
    Every one of her reasons speaks to my heart and makes perfect sense to me.

    I also think - if we did it this way - we could focus more on the Gift of Presence during December rather than Presents - because the presents have already been given.

    I too am very ambitious about starting traditions that work for our family NOW rather than later - so the kids never know any different.

    This article grabbed me.

    The only hiccup - Santa on Christmas morning.  Maybe he'll just leave stockings here.



    1. Hmm..... I love her thoughts! Very interesting. Do you think that your whole extended fam would go along with the switch, too?

    2. oh no... It would just be our house. I shared it with Josh and he was very interested. We have nearly a year to decide! I don't really know how the switch would look, but it's something we'd like to consider and pray about. I think it would REALLY work with Santa out of the picture... but, I'm not sure how/when that will happen either. :) like I said, maybe he'll just leave stockings. :)

    3. Interesting idea. I say pray on it and whatever works for your family is perfect for your family. I LOVE Christmas, both the presents side of it and the religious side. (You know we don't overdue gifts either, and make a lot of ours.) I found myself explaining how they go together to the kids a lot this year...the presents we give and receive as a celebration of Jesus's birthday and the wise men's gifts, the star on our tree represents the Star or Bethlehem, etc. I am such a sucker for the excitement of Christmas morning...always feel a little sad when it is over with. Merry Christmas St. John's! -Jen


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