Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 is the name that was given to the "getaway" Josh and I just experienced together.

We were able to fly to Anna Maria Island, FL for 4 nights this past weekend.

We had amazing conversations - while laying on the beach together - nothing that was planned out - the beautiful conversations just kept flowing out - with no distrations.  It really was amazing.  We were able to reconnect emotionally, practically, spiritually and romantically  ;)

So, you may be asking - "Why halftime?"

Well, we live our lives in semesters, winter breaks, summer breaks, etc - a "teacher style" kind of life.  Josh is in educational administration and is currently working on his PhD, so we follow the school schedule.  We just finished his first semester of his PhD program.  Yes, WE just finished.  I will be very honest and say this last Fall was probably the toughest stretch in our marriage.  And I am glorifying God and shouting - We are stronger because of it! 

But... a "halftime" helps.

Our "halftime" was a few days for us to discuss:
What has gone well?
What could we do differently?
What do we need?
What about the kids?
What are our goals for the 2nd semester?
Anything else on your heart?
    Ok... Let's Go!  We can do it!

    Go, Team St. John!

     Of course, we missed the kids...

     We enjoyed sunsets...

     Many special moments together...

    But most of all... reminded of the many reasons why God chose us to be together.

    We arrived home fill with peace, focus, gratitude and love - really.

    Mission Accomplished.

    Dead God,  Thank YOU.  Thank You for the many people who pitched in to make this trip happen for us.  Thank You for being in the center of our conversations (because we know you were).  Thank You for being someone so BIG - who we can trust and surrender every fear, every worry, every challenge.  You are big enough and strong enough to take it all - and You fill us with great peace because of that.   Amen.


    1. I am so happy (and a little jealous) that you got a getaway like this. I think everyone should do something to get away and get some alone time with their spouse. It's important!

    2. BEAUTIFUL post. So happy to contribute to "mission accomplished". My words exactly in my text to you and Josh when I got home on Sunday night. I love you all more than words could ever say!

    3. Erin & The BoysFebruary 3, 2011 at 11:35 AM

      Very nice, Myah. Good for you guys!


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