Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spelling City

As part of Halle's "Homeschool" curriculum (I don't formally homeschool, but my teacher soul and desires can't resist teaching at home) we've been working on 5 sight words a week.

I love the phonics cards I got from hosting my Usborne Book Show.  We've been working through those, as my main focus.

One activity I discovered - that she enjoys - is Spelling City.

You can enter the words you want into the site and then there are several game/activity options to choose from.

Of course, this is good for your older kids too who have their spelling lists from school - if you need some fresh ideas to keep them motivated to practice!

It's a fun afternoon activity for Halle and me to do together.

She can even do it in the kitchen while I prep for dinner or bake!

What are some of your favorite educational websites?


  1. Erin & The BoysFebruary 3, 2011 at 11:33 AM

    Thanks for the the spelling city website idea!

    My boys love for reading practice.

  2. We love around here. It's amazing. I will have to check out the spelling city one. Matthew would love it!

  3. I love Spelling City! It's part of the homework assignment that I give my kids in my class! :) Glad you enjoy it, too.

  4. Thanks, Holly! let me know what else we can do at home! :)


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