Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekly Checklist...

A great resource was shared with me that I'd love to share with all of you!

For the past 2 weeks, I've been using a Weekly Checklist for our school time at home with Halle.

You can download and print at the bottom of her post - if you'd like one.

This tool has helped me be intentional with our time at home - and Halle really enjoys it too!

I fill in the form on Sunday (or Monday) and we work through it all week.  If we finish all of the tasks by Friday, we have a Fun Friday Fieldtrip.

Here are some assignments from Halle's list over the past 2 weeks:

Math - abacus time, simple addition and subtraction, drawing picture problems, cooking with Mom, numbers 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Reading - 5 new word wall words a week, leveled readers with Mom, quiet reading time alone, and I add any homework that is sent home from preschool

Writing & Spelling - Writing in her journal, writing a note to a friend, writing her sight words and handwriting skills

History & Geography - we've been working on our address and phone number.

Science - watering plants around the house, feeding the fish, reading books about snow, reading books about camoflauge

Technology - She is allowed 30 minutes a day on the computer.  15 minutes on education and 15 minutes doing something fun.  We set a timer.

Art:  We made valentines, playdoh, lots of coloring and random crafting!

Fieldtrips:  We try to get to a storytime - a couple times a month - at our library.

This format is so easy for me because I simply add items to the checklist as ideas come to me (or after we've done them).  The checklist is usually full when the next Monday gets here.  We can do a lot at bedtime - like her leveled readers, sight words, and other books we are reading.  But for the most part 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. is our main learning time and the afternoon - when Ian is napping, and she's not at preschool - she does computer time, quiet reading, and crafting when I'm having some alone time - and we do lots of quiet reading together on the couch or in my bed on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons!  I will often tell her, "Choose a really long book - one I always say NO to at bedtimes - because it's too long!"  :)

More than anything, this checklist has helped me be intentional with my time at home with my children.

What are some of your "homeschool" ideas?

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  1. Myah,
    what computer programs/games are halle's faves?


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