Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is Here!

 I am so excited to wake up in the morning and shout to the world, "We made it!"  Spring is here!  
After a long, long Winter - we've been enjoying some beautiful days around here.  Yesterday, we were able to be outside most of the day and play with some of our besties.  Henry and Darcy came over to play for a couple hours in the morning so Jen (my dear, dear friend) could go shopping alone and enjoy lunch with her 1st grader at school.  The kids had so much fun playing together and eating their lunch outside in picnic style.
 They gave each other wagon rides - belly laughing.
 They climbed a tree.
 Then after Henry and Darcy left, our neighbor friend, Isaac, came over and enjoyed more playtime with us outside.  Ian, Halle, Isaac (another dear family to us) and I walked/rode bikes to the park and enjoyed a popsicle on the front porch afterwards.
Isn't there just something about the hope and rejuvenation that comes with Spring?  It transforms my soul.

I am so thankful for the simple pleasures of life - picnic lunches, wagon rides, climbing trees, parks and popsicles.

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  1. Aww!!! Love, love, love this! Love, love, love all of you!!! Looking forward to our mommy playdate next week. :~) -Jen


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