Monday, March 21, 2011

Hot Spot #3...

Toys and/or Kids' Clothes!

Ohhhh, I knew this one was coming.

I'm continually working on kids' clothing (so there's really not a lot of work for me there), but the whole toy issue... makes me want to scratch the top of my head.

It's such a "fine line" to walk - something is beautiful and useful to THEM but not to ME.

I see some of their stuff as clutter and useless - and my children see those same items as beautiful treasures.

I have my own personal toy philosophy - it's minimal - but this season is a journey, so I'm giving myself grace.  To sum it up, our children are 7, 5 and 2 - girl, girl, boy.  They are each still hanging on to certain items = lots of items!  But, this is what I do know... even if they keep 1/2 of what they have, they'd still have plenty.  I really do believe that too many toys creates too much clutter which is distracting to creativity and peace.

My prayer for this week is that I'm patient, respectful and considerate with my children - modeling generosity and love - really thinking about the toys we want in our home.

Read here for all the details from Simple Mom.  "It only makes sense that Project: Simplify isn’t a solo deal. Everyone lives in your home, and helping your kids declutter and organize their toys is more than just cleaning — it’s helping them hold on to things loosely, prize the things they do keep, and learn the value of giving to others."

Good Luck!

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