Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do not be afraid...

Do not be afraid of fits.
Do not be afraid of messes.
Do not be afraid of hard work.

I am a Mother...

There will be fits.  There will be messes.  There will be hard work.

I once read somewhere, "If your kids never throw fits, you're not saying no enough!"

I believe the fit is fine.  It's what follows the fit that's important.  My response.  The child's response.

I believe a mess is fine - Are they learning?  Are they being creative?  Are they helping clean up?

I believe hard work is to be expected - and nothing less - from all involved.

I will do my best - each day - to remain confident, consistent and calm in my heart - in the midst of fits, messes and hard work.  Although, some moments I really am afraid!  :)  In those moments, I bring my focus back to the mission - calm, Myah, calm.  Our Children's Pastor once shared, "Calm is power!"  Calm is my continual goal.

I have so little time.

I am a Mother on a Mission - hear me roar!

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