Saturday, April 30, 2011

No more brown apples...

 Sophie loves taking apples slices to school for a snack or in her lunch (because she can't eat a whole apple), but she gets frustrated because they are brown by the times she gets to them.  So, the other day we did a little experiment and discovered a little trick to keep her apples from turning brown.  Maybe you already know this, but I can never keep a good tip to myself - so here you go!

How to keep your apple slices from turning brown:
Slice your apple.
Soak them in orange juice for a few minutes.
They don't turn brown - and taste really yummy!
Don't forget to drink the orange juice when you are done.  No wasting!  ;)

I sliced a bunch ahead of time, soaked them, and put them in the fridge (in a baggy) overnight.  They didn't turn brown!  I've also left them soaking in OJ for a while in the fridge (in a bowl).  Either way, you can't mess this up.  The fun thing about the OJ is the flavor it adds to the apples.  Yummy!

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