Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Myah...

 Well, at the age of 32 - this is what my life looks like.
I have been blessed with 3 children - 2 beautiful daughters and then 1 handsome son, our icing on the cake.  My life is very full and busy.  

My top 3 priorities:  my God, my husband, my children.  My friends and family are #4!

To sum it up, "We're raising a family.  We're knee deep in it!"

I love:  life - all things natural.
I really don't like:  chaos - lack of peace.
 I have been married to this man for nearly 10 years - and I really would choose him all over again - if I were searching for a husband today.  Josh, you are an inspiration to me.

I am healthy, happy and just flat out grateful - at the age of 32.

Oh, Dear Heavenly Father... where do I even begin?  Thank YOU for the 32 years I have been blessed with so far and for all the blessings YOU have poured out to us.  I look forward to many more years on Earth - and I promise YOU - I'll do my best to make this world a brighter place and continue worshiping YOU until the day I leave.  I'll just stop at thank YOU - thank YOU.  Amen

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