Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Josh's list to me...

At 7:48 - on the morning of my birthday - Josh started texting me:

"The Top 10 Reasons I Love You:
10.  You like to have fun... but it doesn't have to be complicated, just simple.
9.  You work hard to keep the house clean, tidy and a warm place for all who enter.
8.  Your hiney.
7.  Your learning goal orientation - you are always reflecting and trying to improve.
6.  Your words of affirmation and praise to me and others.
5.  Your commitment to making and documenting rich family experiences.
4.  Your positive attitude.
3.  You come see me at work, and when you do - I get excited.
2.  You are consistently there for others when needed.
1.  Your zest for life, your love for us and your spiritual leadership.
Did I mention your hiney?"

Yes, Dear - you already mentioned my hiney.  Oh, Men!

Every time I heard my cell phone ding, I ran to read the text, and immediately started smiling.  Josh definitely made my birthday more special by doing this for me, and I am totally stealing this idea. Wouldn't it be cool to do with your spouse, a special friend, a parent?!

Thanks, Josh, for this wonderful gift and idea!  :)

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