Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to get your kids to purge...

Get them involved in the mission!

oh my goodness!  My kids don't like to purge, and we're getting ready for a Garage Sale.  You can imagine that it's not a good combination.  Really, it's stressful having the whole thing set up in the garage and they're trying to negotiate why everything should go back into the house.

But... this is what we're doing.  I said, "Go through the house and bring out (into the garage) anything you're done with.  You will get all the money from it's sale and I'll put it straight into your savings jar." Sophie is saving for a plane ticket to Florida (to visit a cousin) so this is fabulous.  It's effective!
  •  Determine a goal.
  • Convince them of the goal.
  • They get excited!
  • You get rid of clutter!
They're excited!  We're getting rid of stuff and they're making some money to put towards their goal.

We've done well at our Garage Sales in the past! It's a lot of work, but I'm excited!

What are some of your Garage Sale tips with kids?

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