Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Josh and I were sitting together reading through this blog, laughing, smiling (and maybe tearing up a bit) and looking at pictures.  We said to each other, "We don't want to look back at these memories, stories and pictures - 10 years from now - and hope that we enjoyed this time more.  NOW is the time to enjoy!"   Josh said, "This gives me hope!"

When I say "NOW" I mean wherever we are NOW - big kids, little kids, no kids - find joy.

I'm so happy I take the time to record our journey as a family, finding joy in the little moments and being filled with hope as we read through our life together.

These are the challenges I've issued to myself:
1.  Commit to finding joy.
2.  Commit to recording.
3.  Commit to passing it on.

These commitments remind me of my friend's business - Stonemarkers

May the Lord bless you and keep you and fill YOU with joy in your journey - whatever that may be.

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