Monday, May 23, 2011

My Little Man

He LOVES me.

I'm pretty certain this little man is going to take care of me for the rest of my life.

He's madly in love.

{so am I.}

Today I am grateful for:
25.  One on one moments with my kids - I gain so much mileage.
26.  Our garden.  It is finally planted!
27.  Josh installed a darling, white picket fence around the garden because I asked.
28.  Josh's love for me.
30.  Our pastor had brain surgery this week.  He is recovering, resting and waiting.
31.  Today marks 14 years that Josh and I have been dating.  We fell in love from the very beginning.  It's been a fun filled 14 years!


  1. In your family, is there a difference in the mother/son and father/daughter bonds? I'm curious how it's going to be with a little girl. Max has been a mama's boy right from the start!

  2. Oh, Andrea, TOTALLY!! I really don't know how Sophie would survive without her father. Halle is very attached to Josh too. And I really don't know how Ian would survive without me! :) It's awesome. And I think there is a different feeling for Josh's daughters compared to his son.


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