Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Garden is in...

and stuff is already beginning to sprout!
 I asked my love if he would put a white picket fence around our garden.  He said, "Yes, anything for you."  :)  He really did!  In fact, we did it on a cold and rainy day in May (I was the project manager) - and it took all day!  He huffed at one point, "Oh, the things I do for you..."  He is right.  He does a lot for me.  But, we spoil each other, so it's a win win.  :)
 We mounded up the rows and created nice walking aisles.  The kids each love helping to weed the aisles.  Working in the garden is an activity everyone enjoys.  We planted beans, carrots and lettuces from seed.  We planted tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cabbage, potatoes, squash, basil and marigolds from plant.  We also have 4 blackberry plants that are beautiful and will produce a huge crop this year!  Our beans, carrots and lettuces are spouting up - and the other plants are thriving!
Ian spends most of his days outside, in the mud, finding bugs, finding frogs, riding his 4-wheeler - simply being a boy.  I can barely keep him in the house.  He's rarely fully dress and mostly wearing only a diaper and spotted with mud.  Just ask our neighbors if you don't believe me.

Oh, Happy Summer!  :)

Thank you, Lord, for this Earth in which we can grow our foods - foods that are absolutely perfect for our bodies.  Even the tiniest seeds grow into foods that have perfect nutrients and exactly what we need.  You do not make mistakes.  We love You and praise You - and You are evident even through our garden.  What a glorious thing.

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