Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I don't want to wish for a "re-do"

I've got something on my heart - a little whisper I keep hearing in my mind.

So, here it goes.

When my kids are grown and moving on to college - or when I'm a grandmother and looking back on my Mothering - I don't want to wish for a "re-do".

I'm serious about this Mothering thing.  I'm not striving to be perfect - the idea of perfection makes my chest hurt.  I was not created to be perfect, and I'm not expected to be perfect.  But, by golly - I want to be intentional.  I believe it's my responsibility to be intentional with my children.

I will teach them, guide them, love them, enjoy them - and give it my all.

I want to look back and - with confidence - say, "I read. I asked questions. I continued learning. I humbled myself. I was mentored. I loved. I taught. I enjoyed. I mentored them."

I know I'm going to screw up at times.  I'm ready for that.  But, the end result we desire will not happen on accident.

I don't want to wish for a "re-do".

I am a Mother on a Mission - hear me roar!  ;)


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