Sunday, July 31, 2011

The "buzz" on the street...

Well, it's pretty much out there.  Our children announce it with pure happiness to all strangers, family and friends who ask.  So, I might as well announce it in Blogland.  I think it's pretty much official.

We are homeschooling!

Why?  Because I want to be my children's primary teacher - academically and morally - especially during these early, formative years.
How?  One day at a time - with the assistance of great curriculum, resources in our community and a village of encouragers who have come around us.
For how long?  We will commit to 1 year at a time.
Am I scared?  A little, but we've already jumped into our curriculum and we're doing it, experiencing success and figuring out the logistics of our home.  I'm looking forward to the official first day of school (August 15) and the other outside programs to start.  At that point, we'll fall into a more consistent Daily Rhythm - which is when we really thrive.

Any other questions?

The journey to this decision has been one of the greatest I've been on with God.

I SERIOUSLY (and I'm not lying!) used to say, "I really hope God never calls me to Homeschool our children because I don't want to!"

I can say with absolute certainty that I HAVE BEEN CALLED TO HOMESCHOOL OUR CHILDREN.  I can't believe it!

I have been blown away over the past several month as I've surrendered every fear to Him (especially on the mornings I would wake up with a stomach ache from processing it even in my sleep) and the earthly village of Homeschool Moms who have surfaced (most I never knew) on just the right days and just the right times.  I know, I know I know God is calling me to do this.  I will grow closer to Him as I navigate through each day - and I'm really looking forward to that.

This is what still needs to be done to make it absolutely official:
1.  I have to withdraw my children from our public school on Monday morning.  CHECK
2.  I will NOT go to registration at our public school on August 2.  CHECK
3.  I will NOT send them to school on August 15.

So, WELCOME to another journey of ours!  Of course, I'm sure I'll be capturing and sharing the memories we're making.  Please feel free to join in and share!  I LOVE new ideas and enjoy learning from others.

And - please - continue to pray for us, if you feel led.  :)

We're building a great story!


  1. You said over and over that you hoped that God would not lead to you home school the kids. I am so proud of you for this leap of faith! :)I couldn't imagine a better person for this job! You will do a fantastic job! (Do you have to notify the Haverhill to let them know that the girls will not be enrolling?)

  2. Good for you! I am absolutely positive you will do GREAT! I'd love to sit down and talk to you about this great adventure.....let me know if you need any resources :)

  3. Congratulations Myah! What a great discerning process you were in and continue on. Looking forward to your journey!


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