Monday, August 1, 2011

Poor Little Buddy...

On Sunday night, July 31, Ian was attacked and stung by a nest of wasps.  

We were visiting my Mom at her home, loading up in the van and saying goodbye, when all of a sudden - Ian started screaming.  I looked over at him, and he was in her yard, screaming, running, with a swarm of wasps all around him.  He immediately started holding his mouth.  We said goodbye to the girls and my Mom, and Josh and I jumped into the van with Ian on my lap in the front seat and drove a 5 minute drive to the E.R.  In just a few minutes, his mouth was totally swollen.  We didn't know if they were in his mouth, down his throat, or where!?  He was seen immediately, hooked up to observe his oxygen levels, heart rate and blood pressure at all times.  His vitals remained strong.  We counted 5 stings in all - 1 on his upper lip, 1 on his lower lip, 1 on his arm, 1 on a finger, and 1 on a hand.  He was administered steroids and benadryl and enjoyed a popsicle, grape juice and lots of special attention from the staff.

They told us:
1.  If a person has a fatal reaction to a sting, it will most likely happen within 30 minutes after the sting.
2.  If a person has a reaction to steroids and benadryl, it will most likely happen within 30 minutes after it's administered.  

So... after 1.5 hours or so, we were released.  He was fine!  They thought Ian was so cute and really loved on him.

Ian is active, eating and drinking well today!  We are so thankful he was so strong through all of it.

Praise the Lord!  :)


  1. Wow Myah, how scary! I am so glad he is doing good now.

  2. So, so scary! I'm glad God coordinated this so that you were at your mom's and you were able to just leave your girls where you were without giving it a second thought. AND that you were so close to the hospital. I'm glad sweet Ian is ok!

  3. So glad little man is okay. How scary that must have been for him!
    Something else I didn't know until Kent's medic training - A reaction won't occur the first time an allergic person is stung. The allergy won't usually show up until the second time they are stung. Kent's mom is allergic and has to carry an epi-pen at all times so we are really watchful to see if allergy passed on.
    I agree with Janna, so glad you could get up and go quickly. God is good.

  4. What an awful thing to have happen. Glad he is ok!


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