Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sophie is 7.5

 On July 14, Sophie turned 7.5!  Oh my word, 7.5!

Sophie is growing and transforming more and more each day.  

At 7.5, Sophie is very athletic and coordinated.  She loves all sports, music, learning, crafting...
 She is quite the helper.  She does her own laundry, sweeps, vacuums, cleans the glass, changes (pee only!) diapers, prepares simple meals, brings up the trash cans...

 She LOVES the water!  She would swim all day if she could.  She loves fishing, but she was a little nervous with tubing.  She is incredibly social and loves friends!

 She is a WONDERFUL big sister.  Both Ian and Halle adore her.

She loves alone time, quality time with those who love her and physical touch - a snuggler.

I'm telling the truth when I say - she loves her Daddy the most.  She really does.  She'll tell you.

 She is smart and strong - and one of the most precious little girls I've ever met.

 Sophie's got what it takes to go far.

She's a little lady on a mission.  Watch out!

Dear Sophie,

I LOVE YOU!  I can't believe you're 7.5 already.  I still remember the moment you were born.  You had the most precious little face.  You still do!  You are strong, smart and beautiful.  You are going to move mountains and will lead this family with love and grace.  Don't ever forget how much your Mommy loves you.  God loves you too, and you can do all things with Him who will strengthen you.  Don't ever forget - speak love.


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