Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 Senses Poetry and a Hand Tree

I have a very special friend who homeschools too.  Her name is Heidi.  She has 2 children who just happen to be in our same grades and just happen to be some of my girls' best friends.  So, we do a lot together!  It's been fun.  This morning, we dropped off Ian at Preschool, dropped off Halle with Heidi and I picked up Quinci.  So, Heidi taught the kindergarteners and I taught the 2nd graders.  It was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the rotation and change of scenery!  :)

The girls and I started with our daily language review and then moved on to writing poetry and drawing.  We wrapped up the morning session with their daily math lesson, reading and phonics.
We started by drawing a Hand Tree.  I was seriously blown away by their trees.  Man, I love teaching kids!
We brainstormed as a group to get our ideas and juices flowing before we wrote.  You can't really see this picture, but I basically created a web of the 5 senses and we all shared what we taste, see, hear, touch and smell during the fall - on a huge piece of chart paper for us all to refer to once we started writing. 
After we did plenty of brainstorming, we were ready to write!  We titled it "Fall" and ended with "Fall".  It was really fun reading them!
by Sophie

Here is mine:
I see the colors changing all around me.
I smell the cool, crisp air.
I taste pumpkin pie and apple cider.
I hear the leaves crunching and children laughing.
I touch bumpy gourds and frost on the grass.

It's fun learning with friends!

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