Sunday, September 25, 2011

Indiana History with Grandma Mary

The kids and I have been learning a lot about Indiana History.  We've been working through My State History Funbook and using our library to enjoy videos and tons of read alouds about our awesome state.

Custom Collection:  Our public library has an online feature that we are really excited about.  Librarians will prepare thematically based collections at our request.  We do all of this online.  We're studying about Indiana, so I requested books, music, movies, maps, brochures on Indiana - and I am able to pick them up at the library closest to us!  If you live near me, ask me for more details if you need to.  If you don't live near me, see if your local library offers this.  It's a fabulous service available to teachers, parents and homeschool families. 

As we were reading some of our books - Grandma's House Had No Water and Grandma's House Had No Electricity - we learned the setting was the 1930s.

Well, my Grandma Mary was born in 1912.  She was 18 years old and living this type of life in Indiana - so, imagine what it was like when she was born. 

So, we scheduled a little field trip, read to her and showed her the pictures and facts we have been learning about.

I required that each girl ask her at least 1 question.  They did a fine job.

She doesn't talk much, but as we read she would light up, point and say, "Yes!"  It was so sweet.  It was so neat to talk to someone who had lived through what we've been learning about.  She enjoyed looking at all of the pictures for quite some time.  I could see her wheels turning as she remembered her past - and of course, she enjoyed the lovin she got from her great grandbabies.

Grandma Mary just turned 99 on September 3.  The girls have already started planning her 100th birthday!

We are truly blessed that she's still alive, and we're able to experience these moments with her!

 We love you, Grandma Mary! 

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  1. This is precious! I sure do miss "her", you know?


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