Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'll take a picture, but we're not selling the crib...

Ian has been crawling out of his crib for some time now.  We talked several times about setting up his toddler bed, but the stars just didn't align for a while.  

Finally, we washed off the dust and set it up.  

As we were taking down the crib, Josh said, "Hey, take a picture of the crib - so when we sell it, we don't have to set it up again to take a picture."  Total man mindset.  Oh my gosh... that thought never crossed my mind - but so wise of him, huh?!

Immediately, my stomach started to feel sick - the thought of selling the crib never crossed my mind!

But, as a listening, mindful wife would do,  ;)  I agreed with his thoughts and took the picture.

But this is what I said,

"I'll take a picture, but we're not selling the crib."


  1. We had that exact same crib! Saw the picture on FB and I had to click on it...sold it a couple years ago (sniff). :)

  2. I think we have the same crib too! Did you get it from Walmart?

  3. Really?? I think it's clear Josh is done:)

  4. Yes, Andrea, I think we're done. :) We're so good! I'll save it for my grandbabies!!


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