Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Advent Activities...

I don't know what it is about photo booth pictures, but they just seem easier for me to deal with.  :)

So... this is what we've been up to.

I've been wanting to post this - and I haven't.  But, I've had a few friends writing it down when they come over, so I thought I'd better.  :)

I got this calendar a few years ago from the Target dollar section.

This is what I did...
I had Sophie cut out 25 small pieces of paper and number them 1-25
I looked at our calendar and jotted down all the special events we already had scheduled.
I recorded those events and a few of my ideas.
I referenced all my friends' ideas and filled in the blanks.
We stuffed the ideas back into the numbers.
Each morning, they move the marker into the date and pull out the special event we'll be doing for that day!
They LOOOOVE it!

This is what we've been up to:
1.  Watch "Santa is coming to town"
2.  Playdate with new friends
3.  Stay all night at Nena's
4.  Get Christmas tree
5.  Watch "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer"
6.  Go to Ian's Christmas program.
7.  Decorate Christmas tree
8.  Mark yarn ball ornaments
9.  Go to the Nutcracker ballet and have a playdate with new friends
10.  Visit Santa and his reindeer
11.  Christmas party at Aunt Patti's
12.  Charlie Brown Christmas Pajama Party
13.  Eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast and make paper snowflakes
14.  Homeschool Christmas party
15.  Address Christmas cards
16.  St. Francis Star of Bethlehem performance and friends over
17.  A special day with Daddy
18.  Deliver cookies and/or cards to the neighbors
19.  Drive around and see the lights
20.  Halle's birthday - party all day!
21.  Decorate cookies with Grandma Mary
22.  Wrap presents and finish Christmas shopping
23.  Make reindeer food and gingerbread houses
24.  Go to church, sprinkle reindeer food and read The Night Before Christmas
25.  Celebrate Jesus' Birthday!

We've also been doing Advent Devotionals each day from our character curriculum and adding the ornaments to a sweet little tree.

Here are some advent calendar ideas that inspired me - and some more ideas for you!
:: My friend - Jackie - she is super awesome!  :)
:: Simple Mom
:: Passionate Homemaking

We hope your Advent and Christmas Day is filled with joy!  :)

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