Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweet Little Nightlights...

Goodnight, Halle.

Goodnight, Sophie.

Goodnight, Ian.

I love the joy on the kids' faces as we pull out all the Christmas decorations.  As we pulled out the gingerbread houses, they each grabbed one and ran to set them up in their rooms.  They light up their rooms each night as they drift off to sleep.  Then I go in and turn them all off before I snuggle into bed.

I couldn't resist and just had to grab my camera the other night.

I love noticing sweet things or simply reflecting on the day - late at night - when the house is quiet and the babies are sleeping.

We often tread through mucky moments - but when I lay my head down at night, I am filled with joy as I reflect on all the precious moments we experienced that day too.

Mucky, precious, crazy or calm...

I will continue to choose peace and joy.

And these sweet little nightlights - they bring me joy.  :)

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