Friday, December 9, 2011

My favorite part of today...

I was snuggling Halle's sweet little self into bed tonight, and she asked me, "Mom, what was your favorite part of today?"

I said, "Being with you at the Nutcracker."

She said, "My favorite part is right now.  I love you infinity.  Actually, more than infinity."

I said, "Halle, stop making me cry."

Gosh, I love being a Mom.  I reeeeaaaaly love being a Mom.

Farm to Fork Friday will come on Saturday - Easy Vegetarian Chili and Broccoli Enchiladas to come!

I'm going to watch Christmas Vacation with my Man, drink some red wine and enjoy the crackling fire that is crackling in our family room right now.

The babies are snuggled in for a warm sleep, and it's time for a snuggly movie night with my man!

What was your favorite part of today?

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