Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My word for 2012...

I've chosen my word for 2012 - 1 word that I want to focus on throughout the new year - my motto for the year.

I spent all of yesterday praying about it - continually throughout the day.

There were a few words that continued to come to mind, but there was 1 word that continued to give me peace.  Maybe it's because Ian pooped in his underwear 2 times yesterday, and I'm currently feeling a bit drained and burnt out as a Mother, Wife, Teacher and Homemaker.  Whatever the reasons, I've decided on my word!

My word for 2012 is...


I challenge you to choose a word.

What will be your motto for 2012?

Think about it and leave a comment to let me know.  :)


  1. Intentional. :) And I like your word, too!!

  2. My word - engaged. Working on relationship building. -Jen

  3. My word - LAUGH! I take myself WAY too seriously!

  4. My words (2 came to mind at the same time when I read your post): Courageous and peace.... I want to be courageous in standing up for what I believe in, and when this life gets crazy and chaotic (especially in grad school) I want to be at peace with it all...
    ~ Reese


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