Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A day in my life - with a 3 year old boy...

I thought today - I better hurry and write all this down, so I never forget!

Life with a boy - after 2 girls - is quite different.  Ian was pretty calm until he turned 3.  He still loves to snuggle, read books and create with the girls - but he's definitely different.

Here are few stories from the past few days:

::  After a moment of discipline today - he said, "You are totally not the best momma."  Yes, I am.
::  When I put water in his juice today - he said, "Now I don't trust you!"  Yes, you do.
::  He pooped his pants twice today.  Deep breaths...
::  If I'm crouching down low, he'll run as fast as he can and jump on my back!  Wow...
::  Today, he just ran by me, hit me on the back and kept running.  He was smiling like that was his way of hugging me.  Oh my gosh...
::  He takes off running from me in public and belly laughs.  So not funny!
::  He has such a sweet tooth and will scream and scream for sweets.  I say, "The answer is no and your screaming will not change my mind."  He screams.  I carry him to his room and lock the door.

That's it for today, but I'm sure there will be more soon!

When Josh got home from work tonight, I said, "Geez - this boy is wearing me out!"

Josh said, "Yeah..."  :)


  1. I love the 6th one...."so not funny!" hahahaha....oh, lil' Ian.

  2. Take this times 3 and welcome to my world. :) Although, I know nothing about little girls, I'm sure they have their funny things or not so funny things they do, too! Loved reading this though and seeing how other boys are doing this to their mamas, too!


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