Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our School Days {part 4}

In December, Sophie hosted her 2nd annual Charlie Brown Christmas Pajama Party.

The girls wore their jammies, ate special treats and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas.

In January, Sophie broke her arm.  This was so horrible, and I was incredibly grateful I was homeschooling her during this time in our lives.  Poor thing!  :(

The kids constructed a puppet stage and performed plays for several days straight.  It was so stinking adorable and so hard for me to finally break down the stage and put everything away.

For our calendar time,  the girls write the date and then a sentence or two about the day.  I love this one that Sophie wrote!

I love our calendar.

Here is our very flexible, simple daily rhythm posted in the kitchen.

Oh, Ian...  Momma's boots!

Spring is coming early!

We made valentines for our homeschool gym valentine party.

Halle went ahead and made herself some wings while the construction paper was out!

I believe Sophie made some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

Main lessons - math and phonics.

I love our abacus!

Have I mentioned before how much I love Science Central's homeschool programs?  Yes!!  They are great and I continue to be impressed each time we attend.  

Ivy, Halle, Sophie and Ariana.

Halle was very engaged!

Of course, she loved the hands-on stuff!

I'm sure Ian was "fixing" the dishwasher while I was trying to keep the girls on task!  

Oh my goodness, a little darling in his undies fixing my dishwasher!  Talk about plumber's crack?!

 I was also totally impressed with the Botanical Gardens' Farm exhibit!

We had the whole place to ourselves!! 

We enjoyed going to this with some wonderful friends - Jackie and Danielle! 

You both inspire me - just so you know.  :)

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