Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ian's week as the Star Student

I enjoyed going to preschool with Ian during his Start Student week.  Ian attends a preschool program at our church 5 hours a week.  We love it!

I enjoy helping in his classroom when I can and being there with him for special events.  

It's so good for him to be away from me for 5 hours a week (because he would never WANT to be away from me - if I let him choose.)  :)

Ian misses his girls like crazy during the week - so this definitely gives him something to do and distracts him a bit.  

And I... LOVE my 5 hours a week to choose what I want to do.  

That list includes:
:: volunteering at the girls' school
:: volunteering at Ian's school
:: running errands alone
:: shopping alone
:: hair appointments alone
:: doctor appointments alone
:: lunch with a friend alone
:: crocheting alone
:: reading alone
:: homemaking, homemaking, homemaking alone
:: resting alone
:: blogging alone!!

I am an extrovert in so many ways, but I recharge ALONE.  I'm very thankful for these 5 hours.

I'm always excited to pick him up and go at it again!!  :)

I just love my little baby boy!

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