Friday, January 11, 2013

Simple gift wrapping and tags

I absolutely loved my simple, low cost gift wrapping this holiday season!

I bought tubes of brown kraft paper and raffia at the Dollar Tree.

This particular gift {below} is a cookbook I bought for a friend and a washcloth I crocheted.

I love the brown paper because the kids can decorate it or I can write a note to the recipient.

For the kids' gifts {below} - I used brown kraft paper, yarn and black and white photos as name tags.

They each got 4 gifts {want, need, wear, read}.  They were so thrilled to come down the stairs on Christmas morning and recognize their gifts right away!!  I gave the extra photos to grandparents with their Happy New Year card and letter.

We delivered a few packages of cookies to the neighbors.  I used brown lunch bags and raffia to bundle them up.  One of my favorite things to do is use up old Christmas cards to make gift tags.  I cut off words or images that I like {with my fancy scissors}, hole punch and attach with raffia.  Super simple, cute and recycling!

I made wool scarves using a knot pattern for friends, family and teachers.  I used high quality, clear bags for the packaging and yarn and recycled Christmas cards for the gift tags.  They were darling!

My heart smiles looking back at these pictures!!  :)

What are some of your simple gift wrapping ideas?

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