Friday, May 5, 2006

Halle is 4 months old!

I can't even believe Halle is four months old already! She is changing so much every single day. She is so alert and interactive. She is trying so hard to roll over and talks all the time! She wakes up in the middle of the night talking and then falls back to sleep. I have a feeling she is going to be a talker!!!! Like her Mommy!!! We had her well baby check-up and she weighed in at 16lb 12oz (95%) and is 24 1/2 in. long (55%). Still a little porker! She is sleeping an 8-10 hour stretch initially at night, I feed her, and she sleeps until 7:30. So, she is sleeping about 11-12 hours at night. She just recently transitioned to a 4 hour eating schedule during the day. She is taking a morning and afternoon nap and a little evening cat nap. It's nice because the girls now nap together in the afternoon. Considering her weight and great sleeping, we are holding off on starting cereal at this time. I wouldn't mind waiting until 6 months. We'll see what she thinks about that. She is still the happiest and most laid back baby ever. She rarely complains about anything and smiles all the time. It's truly unreal.

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