Friday, May 5, 2006

Sophie Update

Well, I feel like all I ever do is talk about Halle. So, I need to make sure I am throwing in Sophie updates every now and again. Sophie is changing so much each day as well. She is 27 months old and is talking like crazy. She pretty much says everything. She is speaking in sentences and putting 5-6 words together. She can count to 11!!! She is still pretty inconsistent with her colors. She says everything is red. I don't know how she can count and not know her colors. hmmm... Her Dad's a math teacher, that's all I can think of. She didn't get her math genes from me! Just the talking ones! Going into the 2's was really hard on us, but we really have good control over everything now. We use 123 Magic/time-outs for tantrums and whining. It has really worked for our family and she has figured out what happens if she can't get control over her behavior. She is such a joy to be around, loves other children, and loves playing pretend. She does the dishes in the sink, loves to help me cook, plays mommy with her dolls (she even puts them in time-out), goes grocery shopping with her cart, loves arts and crafts time, and plays outside a lot. I love the woman we are watching her become. We are going to start a "Mommy and Me" dance class in September. I can't wait for that!!!

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