Sunday, July 11, 2010


My desire and conviction to compost pretty much started this year. As I'm peeling and cutting fruits and veggies and throwing tons of kitchen waste in my trash can (to be taken to a landfill), this huge wave of guilt comes over me. I kept thinking, "This is crazy! This still has so much good in it, and I'm just throwing it away. I need to be doing something!" So, I've been researching and figuring out what composting is, the benefits, and what will work for our family.

I always like simple and effecient procedures. If it's too complicated or time consuming, I'll stop doing it.

So, this is what I've come up with. I purchased a "compost keeper" to keep in my kitchen. Once that is full, I will carry it out to our compost pile. I would love to have a compost tumbler - , but for now we're going to try a trash can . It will be located at the very back of our property, and we will have to manually turn it.

I am excited about the benefits it will have on our garden and flowers. I'm excited about modeling this behavior for our children. I'm excited about wasting less. I'm excited about learning and growing.

Do you compost? What is your procedure?


  1. I wish you could talk my husband into letting me do that! I've been wanting to compost for about 2 years now. One thing I would suggest, drill holes into the bottom of your can so the worms can come up through the bottom of it and work through the compost for you.

  2. Stacy,
    Yes! If you read that link, we will drill holes in the trash can. It's a no brainer! Tell Brad YES!! :)

  3. Ha! I'll try it but chances are slim it will work! Enjoy yours!


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