Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It makes my heart happy...

  • when Ian lays his head on his Daddy's shoulder - because most times, he'd rather just have me.
  • when Halle says, "Momma, I love you all the way to Heaven and a million times around the moon."
  • when Sophie gets herself dressed in the morning without whining - because she's a sleepy head and has a hard time getting' goin' on school days.
  • when Josh leaves me notes by the coffee maker - because he knows that's the first place I go in the morning.
And the #1 thing that made my heart happy today was when Sophie got home from school, Ian ran down the driveway - embraced her for several seconds while resting his head on her shoulder - and then they kissed.

Oh, God - Thank You for these moments.  I love You and I am forever grateful for the moments I get to experience that fill my heart with joy.  This is indeed a beautiful life.

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