Friday, January 7, 2011

Funny Stuff...

Ok... there's just too much making me laugh around here, and I know I need to write it down before I forget!

The other night at supper, we were praying as a family before we started eating.  It was a beautiful moment.  We were all holding hands, and as we ended the prayer, Halle sighs and says, "Oh!  I'm glad we're done praying.  Now I can scratch my butt crack!"

My first thought - "I'm so glad we don't have company right now."

My second thought - "Wow."

Then we all just burst out laughing.

I was taking off my bedding to wash it this morning, and Halle asked me, "What are you doing?" 
I said, "Washing our bedding." 
She said, "Oh, just in case you just a little bit tinkled?"
I said, "Well, Halle... No... just because I need to wash our bedding. I didn't just a little bit tinkled." 
followed by lots of laughing from Halle and me!


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